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  • 網站服務時間?Website office hour ?
    Floral Blooms在收到查詢或訂單後會盡快與客人聯繫確認。 本網站的服務時間如下: 星期一至星期五 上午 9:30 - 下午 6:30 星期六 上午 9:30 - 下午 1:30 星期日 休息 如非辦公時間內,則只提供有限度服務或順延至下一個工作天回覆。 公眾假期或特別節日將不提供服務。 We will give a response as soon as possible after received an enquiry / order. The office hour of Website : Monday-Friday 9:30AM-6:30PM Saturday 9:30AM-1:30PM Sunday Closed We just provide limited service or launch it the next working day if it is not our office hour then. General holidays or special festival will not provide service.
  • Floral Blooms接受哪種方式付款? Acceptable Payment Ways ?
    客人下單後可根據網站指引使用PayPal/PayMe/Apple Pay/FPS/銀行轉帳付款。 如因特別理由未能直接付款或需要其他付款方式,請先聯絡我們再進行訂購。 +聯絡方式: t +852 2470 3770 m +852 9382 4742 ( WhatsApp ) e : After you placed an order, you can take a payment via PayPal / PayMe / Apple Pay / FPS / Bank transfer. Due to special reasons or need the another way to pay, please contact us for the ordering. +Contact : t +852 2470 3770 m +852 9382 4742 ( WhatsApp ) e :
  • 下單後何時會收到產品? When could I get my product after ordering ?
    客人於下單後,我們會根據客人指定送貨日期送出產品。 如無特別註明送貨日期,我們會聯絡客人確認。 After ordering, We will send the products at the date that the customer mentioned. If there are no delivery date provided, We will contact you to confirm.
  • 請問香港地區運費是多少? Delivery Fee ( Hong Kong )
    香港地區運費收費如下: - 九龍 HKD$100 - 新界 HKD$150 - 香港 HKD$200 *如果送貨地址為偏遠地區,可能需要額外支付產生的費用。 *如客人需要求指定時間到達,我們將會額外收取附加費用$200港元正。 Delivery Fee ( Hong Kong ) : - Kowloon HKD$100 - New Territories HKD$150 - Hong Kong HKD$200 *If the address is a remote areas, it may produce some extra fee. *An extra fee [HKD$200] will be charged when you request to deliver at a selected time.
  • 在Instagram有想買的產品,但網站並無那個產品? I would like to buy something on Instagram, but it doesn't exist on website ?"
    如果在Floral Blooms Instagram看見喜歡的產品,不妨先與我們聯絡。 產品會因應庫存/季節活動而作出調動,因此先與我們聯絡確認產品是否正常販賣。 If you saw something to buy on Instagram, It’s pleasured to contact us first. Products would make some adjustment due to the inventory / seasonal event, Please contact us first if the product is available or not.
  • 請問要提前多少天訂購花束? When should I place a order ?
    一般而言,為了保障花束新鮮度及花店運作,本店不接受急單,客人須於不少於3天-7天前下單。 To ensure the flower quality and the shop operation, we do not accept any urgent orders. Please take order before 3-7days.
  • 除了花束和月花服務外,還有甚麼服務提供? What kind of services would you provide except Bespoke and  Weekly Flower ?
    Floral Blooms一直專注各項花藝項目,除了花束和月花服務外,更提供花藝場景佈置服務,有關詳情可與我們聯絡。 +聯絡方式: t +852 2470 3770 m +852 9382 4742 ( WhatsApp ) e : We provide different floral project and floral design setting service, please contact us if you need the details. +Contact: t +852 2470 3770 m +852 9382 4742 ( WhatsApp ) e :
  • 可以加Message Card嗎? Can I add a Message Card ?
    網上商店之各項產品均贈送一張Message Card,如Message Card內需寫上內容,請於下單時註明留言內容。我們會代其印上留言內容及燙金文字。 All of the items will be given a message card, if you need write something down, please type it down in delivery form.
  • 下單後可以修改訂單嗎? Can I change the order ?
    訂單一經確認後,則無法改動。 Any order can not be changed after the order was placed.
  • 花藝佈置及月花服務價錢? Floral Setting & Weekly Flower Price ?
    由於不同項目所需的資源也不同,不同的花種也可能因季節而有所變化,因此花藝佈置及月花服務需要經專人估算後方可報價。如需要此服務請聯絡我們。 (建議聯絡我們時說明環境、尺寸、所需花藝佈置內容等,以加快我們估算價格及回覆速度) **月花服務至少一年合約** According to different events, the flower materials will be different. Different materials will be adjust due to seasonal issue. Any Floral Setting & Weekly Flower services Price list will be informed after our consultancy. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE PRICING. ( Please tell us about the environment, size, floral setting contents, etc…) ** Weekly Flower Service need at least 1 year contract **
  • 可以訂製花束嗎?甚麼是Bespoke? Can I order a tailor-made bouquet ? What is Bespoke ?
    可以,Floral Blooms提供私人花束訂製服務,可以根據客人要求選取花材、顏色、風格,有關Bespoke作品可以在網站的SHOP NOW-->BESPOKE參考。 Yes, we provide personal bespoke items service, we can make flower according the customer request. Bespoke Items Reference please go to SHOP NOW—> BESPOKE.
  • 購買產品可以自取嗎? Can I pick up the product by myself ?
    可以,下單時可以選取商店自取,然後親臨工作室取貨便可。 Sure, Please select “Workshop Pick Up” when you place an order.
  • 請問能寄送海外嗎? Can it ship to overseas ?
    Floral Blooms暫不接受寄送海外。 Sorry, we do not provide worldwide service in this moment.
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